Getting Started!

New video tutorial coming soon.

Want to play but don’t know how to go about it? Follow our step-by-step instructions, from registering to joining our league and playing games. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you have fun! We’ll soon have videos to show these steps easier but until then, we hope these step-by-step instructions will do.

Step 1: Find our access code link and register using our special invite only access code. You can click the image above or the button at the top of this page that says, “ACCESS CODE: ULTIMATEFAN”.

Step 2: When you click on our access code link, it will take you to a sign-up page. Our access code, ULTIMATEFAN should already be filled in and all you have to do is click, “SIGN UP”.

Step 3: Once you click Sign Up, you will be taken to a registration page as shown above. Enter your first and last name, email address and password.

Step 4: Once you’ve registered, you can download the app via your mobile device. If you registered on your desktop, no worries. Just get on your mobile device and head on over to the App Store or Google Play and search for Fire Fan. Download the app and use the email address and password you used to register, to sign into the app. Alternatively, you can click the App Store or Google Play links above to download the app.


Step 5: Now that you’ve registered, you’ll need to join our team. So let’s get started! Open the Fire Fan app that you downloaded earlier. It will take you to a login screen. Enter your email address and password and click Login.


Step 6: Once you’ve logged in, you will be directed to your Home page. Look down below under the My Leagues section and click, “Join League” to search for a league.


Step 7: To search for our league, type in “the ultimate fan” and hit the search function button.


Step 8: When you hit the search button, leagues will come up with that name or similar. Look for our red, white and blue “TUF” logo and join. We currently have two leagues. “The Ultimate Fan League” is our main public league that anyone can join and “The Ultimate Fan” is our second, private league, made exclusively for players that joined using our access code ULTIMATEFAN.


Step 9: Once you’ve joined our league(s), go back to your Home screen. You should now see under ‘Upcoming Games’ our NCAA Basketball (The Ultimate Fan – Fire Madness) game. Click on that game to find the bracket picks selection.


Step 10: You should see a green button towards the upper end of the screen. It will say something like ‘Current Round Picks’. Click that button. NOTE: If you don’t see that green button, you have missed those round picks and will have to wait until the next round to choose your picks. Please make sure you have notifications turned ON, so that when it’s time to choose again, you will get a notification on your mobile device alerting you of new picks.


Step 11: Once you click that green button, you will see your next round picks. Make your selections and choose wisely! Remember, every round you play and every individual LIVE game you play, each gives you one (1) entry for winning one of the awesome prizes! If you haven’t done so yet, head on over to the FireMadness Giveaway page to see the prizes.

Playing individual games for extra prize entries


Step 1: If you want to play individual games for more entries to the prizes, make sure you are in our NCAA The Ultimate Fan – Fire Madness, game. You will see games organized by the date they are played. Click on a game.


Step 2: Once you choose a game, you can play solo or join an existing game with others. If you want to join an existing game, you can scroll and click the Join For 6 Tokens button. If you want to play solo, you will see a green Pre-Game Picks Available button. Click that button.


Step 3: Once you click the green button, you will be given the option to play in LIVE mode for 3 tokens.


Step 4: Once you’re in and if you made it before the game started, you will be given Pre-Game predictions that act like bonus points in that game. If you’re playing with others, you’ll definitely want to make sure you get your pre-game predictions in as it can be the deciding factor of first place in that game!

step 16-viewpicks

Step 5: Once you’re done with making your predictions, you will be taken to your ‘Picks’ screen so you can see all the predictions you made during your selection. Also, congratulations! you just gave yourself another entry to win one of the FireMadness giveaway prizes!


Step 6: Remember to have your notifications turned ON! Every so often during the game(s), you will be given the opportunity to make predictions, so don’t miss those. Correct predictions give you points. The more points you earn, the faster you rank up and when you rank up, you receive tickets that can be redeemed for prizes from the app itself (other than the ones in the FireMadness Giveaway).


Step 7: Once you see/hear that notification, click it and you’ll be taken into the app to make new predictions. But hurry, because you’ll only have a couple of minutes or less once new picks are available!

Need more tokens to play? Follow these instructions!


Step 1: Go to your Home screen. You will see a ‘GET MORE TOKENS’ button. Click it.


Step 2: On this screen, you can click the ‘Watch. Earn.’ button to get free tokens on us (temporary) or by watching ads (anytime). Or you can scroll down and purchase individual tokens or bundles of tokens if you don’t want to go through the free token process or you just need more tokens to play more games since you’re only allowed 6 free tokens per day. — If you want FREE tokens for now, click on the ‘Watch. Earn.’ button.


Step 3: When you click the ‘Watch. Earn.’ button, you will come to this screen. Until more ad companies join our movement, you can click the, “THANKS FOR PLAYING FIRE FAN! HAVE A FREE TOKEN ON US” button six times to quickly earn six free tokens with no need to watch any ads.


Step 4: Free token 1. Every time you click the ‘free token on us’ button (or watch an ad), look up at your current available tokens and watch them increase each time!


Step 5: Free token 2. Click again!


Step 6: Free token 3. … and again!


Step 7: Free token 4. … and again!


Step 8: Free token 5. … and again!


Step 9: Free token 6. … and you’re done!